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The school counselor’s aim is to serve three populations: students, parents and teachers. The services that the school counselor provides for these three groups include individual and group counseling, consulting, group instruction and referrals to professional agencies. The school counselor delivers these services within the framework of an organized program. in line with the school’s mission of “Building Character, Expanding Minds and Shaping lives”.

The school counseling program sets out to provide an array of services to facilitate the development of all students. As adolescents face challenges that will  evolve in complexity, the school understands that educational goals cannot be separated from personal, social, physical and other developmental processes. Thus counseling service is essential to the total education of our students.

The Counselling Centre offers help in the following areas

  1. Emotional & Behavioral Difficulties
  2. Anger Issues
  3. Grief & Loss
  4. Relationship Issues- BGR, Peers, Family, Teachers
  5. School Refusal
  6. Self- Mutilation
  7. Suicide Ideation
  8. Anxiety- personal, examinations
  9. Depression
  10. Bullying
  11. Smoking
  12. Learning Difficulty
  13. Gender Issues
  14. Developmental Difficulties
  15. Phobias
  16. Career Counseling
  17. Others- Referral to External Professional Agencies for further assessment