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Student Leadership

About Us

Our Beliefs
Every student should be equipped with leadership skills and knowledge. But to truly blossom, they must be willing to work hard at it, be motivated to serve and want to contribute to the common good.

Our Approach
We use problem-based learning as our main approach for providing student leadership development. This form of authentic learning ensures that students get to solve real world problems while interacting with real people, thereby acquiring the necessary leadership skills. Teachers will mentor and guide the students. There will be three different levels of exposure, creating different scope of impact for the students.
Level One: Personal Leadership
All students will focus on building up their social and emotional competencies to ensure that they have personal mastery. They will learn to manage themselves, relate to others positively and to make responsible decisions. At Secondary One, all students will learn to exemplify the school values through their actions. At Secondary Two, students will learn Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Challenge Model to aid them in their interaction with others.
Level Two: Peer Leadership
Some students who have demonstrated good role modelling and a strong sense of responsibility will be given formal appointments to lead their peers. These include being subject reps, class committee EXCO and ordinary members, thematic leaders (CCE/VIA, healthy lifestyle, I&E, ICT and Green). This level of development also extends to their respective CCA progression as well as being appointed as student councillors. At the same time, students who were not formally given responsibilities will be given opportunities to contribute. They can initiate and undertake projects that have a positive impact on the school and the community, thereby honing their leadership skills.
Level Three: Public Leadership
A few students who have displayed the propensity and flair to lead others will eventually be selected to lead their CCAs and the Student Council. They will have the opportunity to engage in school improvement or other issues at the school or community level.






3pm – 6pm

Innovation Room

Secondary One Basic Leadership Training (Cohort): Term 1
Secondary Two Servant Leadership Training (Cohort): Term 1
Class Committee EXCO training: Term 1
Advanced Leadership Training Camp (Sec 3 SCs and CCA Leaders): Mar hols
Outward Bound Singapore (Sec 3 student leaders): Usually Jun hols
Intermediate Leadership Training Camp (Sec 2 SCs): Jun hols
Camp Facilitation Skills Training (Sec 3 SCs): Term 4
Running of student programmes by SCs:
- Student Forum (Term 2)
- Teachers’ Day Celebrations (Term 3)
- Community Engagement Programme (Term 3)
- Sec One Orientation Programme (Term 1)


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