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Achievements and Accolades

Snapshot of Achievements and Accolades

Our school has attained numerous accolades and achievements over the years, including Singapore Quality Class, People Developer Singapore, School Distinction Award, Best Practice in Teaching and Learning, Best Practice in Character and Citizenship Education, Best Practice in Student All-Round Development, Best Practice in Staff Well-Being and Development, Best Practice in Partnership, National Arts Education Award, and Lotus Sustained Achievement Award.

The following is the snapshot of our achievements in IP and CCA areas. 

Academic Achievements



The Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition

Junior Category: Bronze - 1

Senior Category: Gold - 2; Silver - 3; Bronze - 2


iSpeak Contest

Sharifa Zainab Binte Syed Abdul Rahman Alhadad (1R1) - Gold Medal & Certification


YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards

Cialeo Jaecen Viacrucis Matias (3R4)  - Certificate of Achievement



Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad

Bronze – 1; Merit – 3


Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad

Bronze – 2; Honourable Mention – 9


Singapore Biomedical Olympiad

Silver – 1; Bronze – 6


C.B Paul Science Quiz

Gold – 1; Silver – 5; Bronze – 3


Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad

Silver – 3; Bronze – 4



Katong Convent Humanities Challenge 2019

Group – 1st Placing

He Rui Zhi (3R3)

Kwok Xing Young, Ernest (3R3)

Cialeo Jaecen Viacrucis Matias (3R4)

Joshua Lee Zhi En (3R4)


NUS Geography Challenge 2019

Chua Kevin Subong (4R1) Silver

Chay Ming En, Jeffrey (4R1) Silver

Abdullah B Arman (4R1)  Bronze


Parliament of Bedok South 2019

Best Position Paper

Selina Loo (3R1)

Tristan  Chai (3R2)

Nugraprana Laksmana (4R1)

Best Speaker - Nugraprana Laksmana (4R1)




Historical Scene Investigation

Finalist – Gold Award

Durrah Hazirah Binte Mohammad Yusri (1C2)

Lim Jing Xin Emilie (1C2)

Putri Alyssa Natasha Binte Kelana (1C2)

Shannon Lee Yu En (1C2)



Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2019

School Award (Category 1) – Bronze 

School Award (Category 2) – Commendation 


Junior Category – Silver – 1; Bronze – 6; Honourable Mention – 13

Senior Category – Silver – 1; Honourable Mention – 7

Open Category – Silver – 1; Bronze – 1; Honourable Mention – 5


All Singapore Secondary School Mathematics Competition for Normal Course students 2019 

Dominic Pau (2C3) – 18th Position (Lower Secondary Category)


Singapore International Mathematical Olympiad Challenge 2019

Ream Chan Sovath (4R1) – 1 Gold & 1 Silver Award


American Mathematics Competition 2018

Gold – 1; Silver – 5; Bronze – 1


Craft & Technology


‘Live On’ Art Competition (Organised by Ministry of Health)

Student Category - National

Law Jing Yi Hannah (3R2) – 1st Position


Singapore Heart Foundation 50th Anniversary Logo Contest

Alisya Binte Mohamed (3R3) – 3rd Position (Open Category)


13th Singapore National Junior Watercolour Competition

Hana Carlesater (3R3) – Highly Commended Award


Design & Technology Awards 2019

Irene Lee Ai Lin – Creative Adaptation Award 


Mother Tongue Languages


Piala Cendekia Sahibba - Malay Language Scrabble Competition 2019 (East Zone)
Team 2nd Position
Nurtiara Nadirah Binte Ramli (2R1)
Ellisya Binte Yuslani (2R2)
Muhammad Ameen Bin Muhammad Kamil (2R2)
Nur Liyana Binte Abdullah (3R4)


Piala Cendekia Sahibba - Malay Language Scrabble Competition 2019 (Nationals)
Team – 4th Position

2019 第二届新加坡中学课文朗诵比赛  National Passage Reading Competition Bronze Award

17th ‘Xin Lei Jiang’ – National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition 2019

LI RUOQI (3R3) 3rd Position


4th National Chinese Poetry Writing Competition 2019

Li Ruoqi (3R3) 3rd Position


第十届全国毛笔与硬笔书法比赛 10th National Pen Calligraphy and Calligraphy Competition 2019 Finalist

Li Ruoqi (3R3)

Liu Yixuan (3R3)

He Ruizhi (3R3)


National Creative Story Writing Competition

Zhang Qianqian (3R5) – Excellence Award



Information & Communication Technology

Paint Tinkerer Competition 2019
1st Runner-up Position
Nayana Mahesh (3R3)
He Ruizhi (3R3)
Sharafina Tukimin (3R3)


Achievements of Sports CCAs



East Zone Badminton Championships 2019

‘B’ Division Boys – 1st Position

‘C’ Division Boys – 4th Position


National Badminton Championships 2019

‘B’ Division Boys – Quarter-Finalist



National ActiveSG-BAS Basketball Development League

‘B’ Division Girls – 3rd Position


National Basketball Championship 2019

‘B’ Division Boys – 2nd Position

 Most Valuable Player Award: Luangboriboon Son


East Zone Basketball Championship 2019

‘B’ Division Boys– Champions

‘C’ Division Boys – 4th Position

‘C’ Division Girls – 3rd Position



15th National Inter-School Wushu Championships


Wushu (Boys) ‘C’ Division Teo Mou Liang (1R3)

1st International 42 Style Taijiquan – 4th
1st International 42 Style Taiji Sword – 4th 

Cayden Lee Yi Hang (2R1)

Formulated 5-Duan Sword – 3rd 

Wushu (Boys) ‘B’ Division  Ron Ng (3C2)

2nd International Changquan – 4th
2nd International Cudgel  – 3rd

2nd International Broadsword  – 4th

Wushu (Girls) ‘C’ Division

Devni Chamodya Kaluarachchi


1st International Nan Dao – 1st
1st International Nan Gun – 1st
1st International Nanquan – 1st  

Shannon Lee Yu En (1C2)

Formulated 5-Duan Nanquan – 2nd

Rachel Lee Jia Hui (1C2)

Formulated 5-Duan Broadsword – 3rd

Formulated 5-Duan Changquan –  3rd  

Team Quanshu: 4th  
Wushu National ‘C’ Division –   4th


Wushu (Girls) ‘B’ Division

Shannon Eu Ying Xuan (4C1)

1st International 42 Style Taiji Sword – 2nd

2nd International Spear – 2nd




Achievements of Uniformed Groups 


Girl Guides

Puan Noor Aishah Award 2019

Coy 1 Gold


National Cadet Corps (NCC) (Boys)

Best Unit Competition 2018

Gold Award


Outstanding Cadet Award (HQ NCC): Kelvin Koh (4I1)

Outstanding Cadet Award (HQ NCC): See Zhi Hong (4C1)


National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC)


NPCC UOPA Best Unit Award

Gold 2018


Best Unit Cadet

Chua Kevin Subong (4R1)

Nur Aida Plemping (4R3)



Natalie Lau Jia Xuan (4R4)


Station Inspector Rank

Chua Kevin Subong (4R1)

Natalie Lau Jia Xuan (4R4)



Frank Cooper Sands Award

Gold Award


Chief Commissioner's Award

Tay Tian Wen (4R4)

Kafka Muhammad Athallah (4R5)



 Achievements of Visual & Performing Arts


Art & Innovation

SYF Celebrations Logo Design Contest: Top 16 Entries

Cheah Yu Xi Trixie (2R5)

Sia Yu En Joydale (2R3)

Law Jing Yi Hannah (3R2)


Safety Starts with Me Competition (Poster Category)

Nicole Goh Swee Woon (3R4) Silver

Muhammad Aqil Bin Asmin (3R4) Bronze

Chak Min Xin Victoria (3R1) Bronze


Safety Starts with Me Competition (Story Writing Category)

Chak Min Xin Victoria (3R1) Bronze


Chinese Orchestra

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

Certificate of Distinction



Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

Certificate of Accomplishment


Concert Band

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

Certificate of Accomplishment


Drama Club

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

Certificate of Accomplishment


International Dance

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

Certificate of Accomplishment


Jam Band

Singapore Youth Festival: Evolution!

Audience Choice Award



Achievements of Clubs & Societies



Firrst Lego League Competition 2019  Finalists

Mohamad Daiyan Ashrif Bin Mohamad (2I1)

Noh Ng Yu Jun (2R1)

Ahmad Zuhri Bin Zulfadli (2R2)

Mohamed Irhamshah Bin Kamarudin (2R3)

Ian Tan Ting Kang (2I1)


International Chess

71st National Inter-School Individual Chess Championships 2019

East Zone

Individual Chess Competition U16 Boys 2nd Position

5 merit awards 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th


U14 Boys 3rd Position 1 Merit Award (8th)

U16 Girls 3rd Position

U14 Girls 1 Merit Award for East Zone (5th)


60th National Inter-school Team Chess Competition

East Zone

U14 Open 3rd Position

U14 Girls 2nd Position  

U16 Open – 1st Position


1st Jurong Pioneer Junior College Chess Competition

Individual 5th Position (Secondary Category)



Straits Times National Youth Media Competition

Merit Award


Outdoor Adventure

Inter-School Adventure Race by Greendale Secondary School

1st Position


World Water Day Competition 2019

Arissa Tan Shuan Hui (4R1) – Consolation Prize