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Achievements and Accolades

Snapshot of Achievements and Accolades

Our school has attained numerous accolades and achievements over the years, including Singapore Quality Class, People Developer Singapore, School Distinction Award, Best Practice in Teaching and Learning, Best Practice in Character and Citizenship Education, Best Practice in Student All-Round Development, Best Practice in Staff Well-Being and Development, Best Practice in Partnership, National Arts Education Award, and Lotus Sustained Achievement Award.

The following is the snapshot of achievements in IP and CCA areas. 

Academic Achievements


Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships

Top 20 Competition Speaker 

Plain English Speaking Awards 2018

2nd Runner-up Position – Lower Secondary

The Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition

Junior Category  – 1 Silver; 3 Certificates of Participation

Senior Category – 1 Gold; 2 Bronze


A*Star Awardees

2 Awardees

Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad

Merit – 3

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad

Silver – 2;  Honourable Mention – 10

Singapore Biomedical Olympiad

Gold - 1; Silver – 3;  Bronze – 2

C.B Paul Science Quiz

Gold – 1;  Silver – 3; Bronze - 1

Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad

Gold – 2; Silver – 1; Bronze – 2; Honourable Mention – 5


Katong Convent Humanities Challenge 2018

Group - 2nd Placing

Time Capsule Challenge 2018

Individual Bronze Award – 3

Group – 2nd Prize

History Talent Development (National Selection)

Geography Talent Development (National Selection)

River Valley Model United Nations Conference

Best Position Paper


Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2019

School Award

Bronze (Category 1) & Commendation (Catergory 2)

Junior Category: Silver - 1; Bronze – 6; Honourable Mention – 13

Senior Category: Silver - 1; Honourable Mention – 7

Open Category: Silver - 1; Bronze - 1; Honourable Mention – 5

Craft & Technology


19th International High School Arts Festival

Singapore Representative

SYF Art Exhibition

Groups Awards  - 4

Live On’ Art Competition (Organised by Ministry of Health)

Open Category – National

2nd Placing

2 students - Top 30

Mother Tongue Languages


National Junior College Translation Competition 2018

Team – 3rd Position

National Bitara Kata App Competition 2018

5th Placing

National Essay Writing Competition: Pena Emasku 2018

2 students - Top 30

12th YMCA Mandarin Speaking Award

Top 10 Finalists (5 students)

16th "Xin Lei Jiang" National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition 2018

Gold - 1

Silver - 1

Ngee Ann National Students' Calligraphy Competition 2018

Certificate of Participation

Achievements of Sports CCAs


East Zone Badminton Championship 2018

‘B’ Division Boys – 1st Placing

‘C’ Division Boys – 4th Placing

‘B’ Division Girls – Top 5

‘C’ Division Girls – 4th Placing

National Badminton Championship 2018

‘B’ Division Boys – Top 8

‘C’ Division Boys – Top 16

‘C’ Division Gils – Top 16


National ActiveSG-BAS Basketball Development League

‘C’ Division Girls – Champions

‘C’ Division Boys – 5th Placing

National Basketball Championship 2018

Boys’ and Girls’ Team – Top 12

East Zone Basketball Championship 2018

‘B’ Division Boys & Girls – 5th Placing

 Table Tennis 
East Zone Inter-School Table Tennis Championships 2017

‘C’ Division Boys – 4th Placing


Three-School Volleyball Challenge 2018 



14th National School Games Wushu Championships 2018

1st to 4th position for individual events

Devni Chamodya Kaluarachchi: 1st International Nan Dao - C Girls 1st

                                                    Formulated 5-Duan Nanquan - C Girls 1st

                                                    1st International Nan Gun - C Girls 2nd

Ron Ng: 1st International Changquan - C Boys 3rd

              1st International Broadsword - C Boys 3rd

              1st International Cudgel - C Boys 3rd

Shannie Hew Yu Ting: 1st International Changquan - B Girls 4th

                                     1st International Cudgel - B Girls 4th

                                     1st International Broadsword - B Girls 2nd

Joshua Goh Yew Wei: 1st International Nan Dao - C Boys 2nd

                                     1st International Nan Gun - C Boys 2nd

Lee Pei Shuen Eryn: 1st International Nan Gun - C Girls 4th

Shannon Eu Ying Xuan: 2nd International Spear - B Girls 3rd

Melissa Mak Ziqi: 1st International Spear - B Girls 3rd

Riqal Rong Guna Bin Ashari: Formulated 5-Duan Spear - C Boys 3rd

5th and 6th position for individual events

Shannon Eu Ying Xuan: 42-Style Taijiquan (1st Intl) - B Girls 5th

Shayne Lai Xuanru: Formulated 5-Duan Cudgel - C Girls 5th

Lee Pei Shuen Eryn: 1st International Nan Dao - C Girls 5th

Lee Pei Shuen Eryn: Nanquan (1st Intl) - C Girls 6th

Joshua Goh Yew Wei: Formulated 5-Duan Nanquan - C Boys 6th

Riqal Rong Guna Bin Ashari: 1st International Sword - C Boys 6th

Magdeline Lin Hsien Huei: 1st International Broadsword - C Girls 6th

Shayne Lai Xuanru: Formulated 5-Duan Sword - C Girls 6th

Group Events

B Div Girls Quan Shu 6th

C Div Girls Dao 6th C Div Boys Dao 5th

Achievements of Uniformed Groups 

Girl Guides

Puan Noor Aishah Award 2018

Coy 1 - Gold

East Division Day 2018

Snack-Making Competition – 1st Placing

Recycled Toy-Making Competition – 1st Placing

National Cadet Corps (NCC) (Boys)

Best Unit Competition 2017

Gold Award

FSD AI course

Gold Medal

National Day Pa​rade 2018 - Marching Contingent

3 Representatives

National IMT Shooting Competition (Sec 2)

7 Cadet Marksmen

National ‘Live’ Shooting Competition (Sec 3)

8 Cadet Marksmen

Annual Sports And Games Competition - East District

Captain's Ball – 3rd Placing

National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC)

PCC UOPA Best Unit Award

Gold 2017


NDP Marching Contingent

Inter-Unit Revolver Shooting Competition - Aida Plemping

3rd Placing

Inter Unit Campcraft Competition

Boys - Top 30

Girls - Top 40

St Hilda's Secondary Area 9 Games Day

Captains' Ball Competition – 2nd Placing

Dodgeball – 3rd Placing

                                                   Basketball – 3rd Placing 


Job Week Collection 2018

 highest in 5 years

Frank Cooper Sands Award 2017

Gold Award


Achievements of Performing Arts and Clubs & Societies

Chinese Orchestra

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017

Certificate of Distinction


Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017

Certificate of Distinction

Concert Band

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017

Certificate of Accomplishmet

International Dance

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017

Certificate of Accomplishment


Tapestry - Drama Nite 2018 (May)

Teacher's day Celebration film - short story (September 2018)

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017

Certificate of Accomplishment

Jam Band

EZ Music Competition 2018 1st Position

 Pop Band Category

PAssion Arts Urban Arts Festival 2018 @ Tampines HUB

 Singapore Youth Festival - Youth Got Talent! 

Audience Choice Award 

Judges' Choice Award


Facets 2017: Green Buildling and Sustainability Photography Competition 

First prize Winner

International Chess

59th National Interschool Chess Championships (Sep):

3rd in East Zone Open (secondary) category

3rd in East Zone U-14 (secondary) category

70th National Schools Individual Chess Competition:

1st in the East Zone and top 20 overall for the B Division Girls

3 merit award for the East Zone, B Division Boys

1 merit award for the East Zone, C Division Girls

merit award for the East Zone, C Division Boys

12th Jurong Junior College Chess Tournament 

Individual Category (Secondary) - 5th Placing

Team A – 2nd Runner-up position


Peace Pals International Art Contest (September)

Finalist/ Top 10 (Category 14-16 years/ over 6000 entries)

"Draw My Stamp Art Competition (August)

Gold - 3; Silver - 5; Bronze - 5

Safety Starts With Me Art Competition (April)

Consolation Prizes - 2

Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition

Awarded Certificate of Recognition (Lower Secondary Category)

12th National Junior Watercolour Competition

Consolation Prize - 2;  Highly Commended Prize - 1

Outdoor Adventure

Temasek Regatta Competition

Infocomm & Robotics

Most-Liked-Instagram-Post for National Robotics Programming Competition

Aaron Lea Si Yong

Media Club Finalists for National Youth Media Competition 2018 Finalists iCode SG 2018 Finalists