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Alumni Association



Foster ties among NASians, Uphold the NASian Spirit, Contribute to our school and society


Reliving the Past, Empowering the Present, Embracing the Future

The Alumni Association of Ngee Ann Secondary School was established in 2001 and was constituted and registered as an association in 2004. Since then, the strength of the Association’s membership has grown steadily every year.

The Association strives to create a strong culture and identity for the Alumni of Ngee Ann Secondary and aims to provide opportunities for NASians to develop their potential in different areas beyond their years with the school.

For more details, please contact Ms Pearly Siah or the school’s General Office.



Mr Teo Kok Hong

Mdm Nora Osman
Chairperson, Partnership & Publicity Committee
  Mdm Lee Chai Noi
Vice-Chairperson, Partnership & Publicity Committee
   Ms Pearly Siah Member, Partnership & Publicity Committee
Executive Committee 2018/19
Mr Heng Kai Sheng
  Ms Low Yi Lei Gracie
Vice President / Head of Events
  Mr Muhd Sofee Hadi   Head of Logistics
  Mr Seah Xin Rong   Secretary & Treasurer  
  Mr Seah Xin Rong   Treasurer
  Ms Dorcas Luai
Head of Media and Publicity