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Message from the 20th Student Council President

Warm Greetings.  

My name is Miki Chu and I am Ngee Ann Secondary’s Student Council President for the academic year 2019 - 2020.

At Ngee Ann Secondary School, student voice is nurtured and valued, to help develop us as responsible and contributing members of the Ngee Ann family. The council represents the student voice of all NAsians in the school. You may wonder about what we do In the Student Council. As a councillor, we are nurtured to think, lead and serve the school and the community. As representation of the student voice, we serve as the bridge between the student body and the school management. We play an active and constructive role to benefit both school and students through dialogue and projects. I am extremely honoured to be the 20th Student Council President of our close-knit family at Ngee Ann Secondary School. 

Student Councillors2.jpg
Members of the 20th Student Council Executive Committee

Allow me to share a bit more about the council and our functions.

Student Council Executive Committee Structure

Our Student Council Executive Committee consists of four consortiums, each with its own focus in service of school and community. 

The School Tone Consortium (STC) is in charge of discipline and bearing, and promotes the council ethos among Councillors so that all of us continue to be examples worthy of our SC roles. The STC inspires Councillors to take pride in our duties and to strive to exceed expectations in our leadership and service. We are conscious that we do not just represent ourselves but also the council and the school, as we serve the larger student body and school stakeholders.

The School Spirit Consortium (SSC) is in charge of school morale and school pride. The SSC stewards and sustains our soaring school spirit, and ensures the campus remains energised with camaraderie and life. SSC looks into tightening the bonds among students, through events they organise in partnership with other student leadership groups, such as the CCA leaders. The SSC heads are the ones behind our annual Teachers’ Day Celebration, for instance. 

The Student Well-being Consortium (SWC) is the listening ear of fellow NASians. They are in sync with the pulse of NAsians, through regular gathering of feedback from our fellow students. SWC constantly works to create an even better school environment for everyone. Most recently, the SWC heads championed the green movement on campus. They mounted a poster campaign to create awareness and encourage all to go green through reducing food waste and electricity usage, to encourage NAsians to do our part for environmental conservation. 

Last but not least, we have the Outreach Consortium (OC). The OC aims to connect NASians to communities in need around Singapore. The OC heads actively partner different organisations and beneficiaries to hatch opportunities and organise events that allow students to volunteer and bless lives beyond our school, so we can do our part as responsible, contributing citizens. 

Nurturing Leaders Through Reflective Action

In Ngee Ann, other than being a student councillor, one can also choose to hone their leadership skills through taking on other appointments. This includes CCA Leader, Peer Leader, Sports Leader, VIA Leader or to be a part of the Class Executive Committee. Regardless of the post that we hold, all of us have a part to play and are able to contribute in our own capacities to make school life extraordinary for all. 

You might have heard of the phrase “Teamwork makes the Dream Work”! This is why all the  leaders in the school collaborate and work together as one student leader body. 

One good example is Ignite 2019. This was organised by our Sports Leaders for all Secondary One student leaders - for each one of them to discover what leadership means to them and also to provide a common platform for the various groups of leaders to work together. Similarly, it is important for councillors across all levels to be able to work together as a team. SC Connect and SC Bonding Day are organised for this reason to gel and galvanise all councillors through fun and games. In the process, we deepened our understanding of one another and tightened our bonds and chemistry as a team to better serve the school community.

Leadership is service. Our secondary three councillors embark on their student-initiated projects every year. This is a platform for councillors to contribute not only to the school, but also to our community by working with various organisations. These projects hone our ability to work in teams and sharpen our time management skills, as our projects may take weeks and even months of planning before it can be executed. Through the projects, a strong sense of purpose and accomplishment is achieved. We were endlessly blessed in being able to give to the community through our humble effort. We are grateful we got to serve.

We Are All Leaders

In Ngee Ann, I am encouraged by the many leaders I see in all my peers, regardless of whether we hold positions. As a NAsian, you are able to serve and create a positive impact as a member of the school, regardless of whether you have a formal appointment. Leadership goes beyond positions. It is an attitude. Everyone is capable of leadership through how they live, and how they approach their life and what life throws at them. It is important to always keep in mind that we serve and lead not so that others would acknowledge us for our position or contributions, but simply because we are able to make a positive change to our communities. Acting to make a difference is itself the goal and the reward. Hence, all NASians are leaders in our own right when we live out the leadership attitude of making a positive difference to others and the school.

Let’s Push On

I must admit that being a student councillor and an appointed student leader is definitely not an easy job. However, the sense of fulfillment in leading and helping others have encouraged us to continue to lead, serve and problem-solve to build a more positive and inclusive school and the wider community. The hard work is all worthwhile. 

As we continue to grow as a family, we pledge to work tirelessly towards our aim - to be Thinkers with Vision, Leaders of Character and Citizens who Serve. 

Miki Chu Mei Qi 
20th Student Council President