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Message from the 21st Student Council President


I am Racel Cruz and I am honoured to be appointed as Ngee Ann Secondary School’s Student Council (SC) President for the academic year 2020 - 2021.

To the Secondary 4 leaders who have passed on the baton to us, thank you for your countless contributions to the school in the past year. We wish you all the best for your national examinations. To the newly appointed leaders, I am most heartened to start our leadership journey together. On this page, I would like to share my thoughts with everyone on what leadership means to me and my hopes and vision in leading the Student Council to serve fellow NASians. Through the sharing, I hope we are able to encourage one another to grow as leaders together, as One NAS.


Leaders are made, not born

Being a leader is not as straightforward as it seems. I am sure that most of you can agree with me on this. Being a leader takes hard work, striking a fine balance between being lenient and strict, making decisions that no one likes to make, as well as convincing and motivating our peers to work towards a common goal. These expectations are not easy to meet and maybe to some of you, it seems like you will never be able to do this. But I would like to share with you: You Can. No one is born a leader. Leaders put in the work and effort to make a positive impact, but this is only possible when you realise that change needs to happen. 

When I was younger, I was not much of a leader, and I certainly did not imagine that I would become the Student Council President in secondary school. I would say one of the biggest contributing factors to me wanting to run for Student Council President was the encouragement and guidance I received from my teachers. On my own, I would never have plucked up enough courage to make such a decision. My teachers saw the potential in me and that spurred me to run. They helped me find that spark in me that made me want to help and serve others. From there, I worked hard to make a positive change within the school. I am not born a leader. It is with the help of my teachers and peers that I have the courage and confidence to take up the leadership mantle of SC President today. My point here is that all of us can be leaders. Like a muscle, leadership is something we can develop and improve in through training and practice. I invite all NASians to lead along with the SC and other leadership groups, through working together and contributing to make our school an even better place to learn and grow in for all.

To improve is to change, to lead is to never stop improving

2020 is definitely an unusual year. Physical CCA sessions have been suspended indefinitely and many school activities have been either postponed or cancelled. This has definitely changed how all of us experience school, and naturally how student leaders can lead in the conventional sense. However, I would like to challenge all of us to take this as an opportunity to train ourselves to think creatively and outside of the box. This is a trait that is very important in any leader. How can we improvise and continue to inspire and lead our peers, despite obstacles we may face? I am personally not a very creative person. So, I am taking this opportunity to try something different together with you. I intend to reach out and make my voice heard so that I may generate a positive change in our school. This journey for us is not going to be easy but I exhort you to look within yourself, to the things around you and ask yourself: what positive change do I want to make? How can I do things differently?
Along with thinking creatively, I believe that leaders should be unafraid to make mistakes. This was a very big concern to me when deciding whether I wanted to run for the position of Student Council President. I was initially fearful that I would feel a constant pressure of having to make the right decisions all the time and to become perfect in every sense. After confiding in my teachers, I realised that making mistakes is nothing to be ashamed about - it is natural to make mistakes, even as a leader. Through the mistake, we grow as leaders. We learn more about ourselves, what we should and should not do. We even learn more about the people around us. All this will be helpful in our lifelong journey as leaders.

Let’s Push On

I would like to thank all my peers in school for giving me this opportunity to be the 2020 Student Council President. Being a leader is definitely not easy but we are ready to put in the work and effort to lead and make a positive change in our classes, CCAs and to the school as a whole. 

Thank you.

Racel Cruz
21st Student Council President