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Principal's Message


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It is my privilege to serve our students and staff as the 6th Principal of Ngee Ann Secondary School (NASS). We have come a long way in just 25 years. As we celebrate the Silver Jubilee of NASS in 2019, we are indebted to all past principals, our past and present staff, PSG, alumni and stakeholders, whose collective heart-work and contributions have grown the school from strength to strength. We are also grateful to Ngee Ann Kongsi, our School Management Board, for their strong and continual support in our school’s development.


At NASS, our guiding tenet is to provide a future-oriented education to nurture students who are future-ready.

Tech-Enabled Learning

As the only MOE Future School and 1-1 Computing School in the east, NASS is today a school of choice for students from Tampines and beyond who are looking for a tech-enabled education that leverages Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for rich and deep learning. We are an MOE-designated Centre of Excellence for ICT and are committed to innovate in harnessing ICT to enhance teaching and learning, supported by up-to-date facilities and infrastructure. This is why we offer ICT-mediated learning experiences throughout the curriculum in all subjects. Our students also benefit from school-wide coding programmes. Those who want to take it further can opt for our Robotics CCA or offer Computing or Smart Electrical Technology at the Upper Secondary Levels for Express and Normal Course learners respectively. We believe that when we design effective ICT-mediated learning experiences for and with our students, we prepare them for the digital future. We give them an edge in Singapore’s move towards Smart Nation 2030.

Learning for Life

Another future-oriented educational focus at NASS is the development 21st Century Competencies (21CC) and lifelong learning dispositions in students. As so aptly captured by the national SkillsFuture movement, we are preparing students for a very different world of change and disruption. Academics alone will not future-proof the child. As such, we focus on helping students learn for life, alongside academic rigour. With our parents on board, we take students’ all-round development seriously. We see it as important to equip students with the necessary toolsets, skillsets and mindsets that are so critical to serve them well in life and work, long after their formal education. This is where 21CC and lifelong learning dispositions come in. To speak plainly, these comprise values and competencies that will not only hone our students’ IQ, but also their EQ, Adversity Quotient (AQ) and Cultural Quotient (CQ). Together, these will give our students good social and emotional skills, raise them up to be ethical and resilient leaders with a global outlook, and as adults who take ownership for and remain open to continuous learning, as they navigate the open and volatile world of the future.

At NASS, 21CC and lifelong learning dispositions are developed through all subjects, CCA, work attachments and internships and our overseas learning journeys. They are also designed into our many special programmes. Allow me to share just two with you – Outdoor Education@NASS and the Global Perspectives 21 Programme.

Outdoor Education@NASS is a key platform we use to develop 21CC, teamwork and leadership competencies, as well as resilience and grit in students. Through our well-designed OE curriculum in NASS, students grow in character and as leaders, through roughing it out together. Apart from exhilarating Cohort and Outdoor Adventure Camps both here and abroad, our brand new Rock-Climbing Wall also creates in-house opportunities to challenge students’ physical and mental resilience.

In line with 21CC, our Global Perspectives 21 Programme develops students’ capacity to think laterally across disciplines to see interconnections, and also hone their inquisitiveness and imagination as they engage with and attempt to address pressing global issues. In the process, they develop mastery in collaboration, communication and creative problem solving skills. All are critical work-place competencies.

Taking Students Further

At NASS, we recognise that many of our students come to us already with high potential in the respective courses. As such, we have capitalised on our autonomous school status to conceptualise a suite of school-based Stretch Programmes to stretch our students of potential, so as to meet their diverse interests, passions and aptitudes. These include SPARKS for Science and Mathematics, CHAMPS for Languages and the Humanities, and the Enhanced Art Programme. The YouNG Academy also serves the needs of our Normal Course students. We are confident that regardless of the strengths our learners bring, we are able to take them further.


It is not the programmes or practices that make a school, but the people. Supporting every child is our caring, dynamic and innovative team of teachers at NASS. The NASS team is dedicated, committed and qualified. It is our most prized asset here at NASS. They directly build up our culture of care in helping bring out the best in every child, while taking care of each child’s well-being. They also role model continuous learning for the students in constantly honing their craft through professional development and upgrading. In recognition of their good work, a number of our staff are award winners at the national level including the Outstanding Youth in Education Award, MOE Outstanding Innovator and PS21 Excel Innovation Champion Awards.


There is much more we offer than I have space to share with you here. You are welcomed to tour our website to find out more about us and what we offer to position our students for the future.

Last but not least, thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our school. If you think NASS is the right fit for you, I invite you to join us to be a part of the exciting story we are writing here.


In the Service of Education,

Teo Kok Hong


Ngee Ann Secondary School