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Principal's Message


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On the back of an extraordinary 2021, we embrace 2022 with the refreshed anticipation for a vibrant school year of learning and growth!

Celebrating 2021!

We have so much to celebrate about 2021. Just like parents, my staff and I find our greatest joy when students discover and develop their potential and strengths, and grow in self-knowledge and confidence. In 2021, we celebrated our students, as they in turn celebrated their gifts and talents through pursuing the rich learning opportunities the school offered. Our students had a great time participating in the SYF, where they honed, showcased and enjoyed their diverse performing art forms. Our International Dancers soared with their pulsating piece, which was pure dynamite. Our Sports teams showed excellent sporting spirit. They trained hard, even without the National School Games (NSG) for some sports! Our ‘B’ Badminton Boys and Wushu Girls stretched themselves in the NSG, and were affirmed for their craft. All our Sports CCA students deserve a medal for their passion! All 4 Uniformed Groups continued to attain the Unit Gold award, testament to the tremendous discipline and exemplary leadership training the students had received. In the Clubs and Societies, the Art and Innovation Club students continued to experiment and express themselves through their art, and were recognised for their creative talents. Our International Chess is growing to be a force to be reckoned with in the east, as more and more students take an interest in and play well in the game. In all the other areas of Science, Mathematics and Technology, as well as Languages and Creative Writing, students have also pursued their passions and interests to a high level, receiving accolades for their level of mastery. 

Service and gratitude remain the values we hold dearest to our heart here at NAS. Giving back to the community and paying it forward continues to be what we aspire to nurture as the hallmark of all NASians. In 2021, students continued to exercise agency and use their personal voice for good, be it through championing causes with external organisations to advocate for animal welfare, the elderly or children with special needs, hatching positive initiatives on campus to rally and galvanise their peers in school, or through spearheading the many other student-initiated projects – too many to list here! Well done to all students! 

We also celebrate the Graduating Class of 2021! They had done well in overcoming the challenges of the past two years of COVID-19 disruptions to their upper secondary education. We are proud of them for their achievements at the GCE examinations! As with the different cohorts of NASians before them, they are well-positioned to reach for their dreams and pursue their post-secondary education! Good job, Graduating Class of 2021! Each of you is special to us. 

We are who we are as a school because of our staff, who give of themselves each day to nurture and take care of all our students. In 2021, we celebrate the selfless care and commitment of the Ngee Ann family of educators and administrative staff, as they took care of our students over a second year of COVID! The staff at NAS had continued to embody the spirit of continuous learning, innovation and service excellence. For his meritorious contributions, Mr Zainal Bin Buang, our veteran Technical Support Officer, was awarded the 2021 National Day Efficiency Medal. Our teachers and Operations Manager, Mdm Nora Osman, Ms Li Jianmin and Mr Muhammad Firdaus Hamzah were conferred the MOE Service Excellence Award in 2021. The cross-department team comprising Mr Alvin Chen, Mdm Farhana Mohamad Noor, and Ms Ananurmelati Abdul Rahman were affirmed with the MOE Innergy Bronze Award for their innovation in the school’s Cyber Wellness initiatives. Mrs Theresa Lai, our School Staff Developer, was recognised as an Associate of the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST), her third AST award. Through the Character and Citizenship Committee’s green drive, the school was also conferred the Yellow Flame Award under the School Green Awards. We are grateful for these affirmations and will continue to pride ourselves in seeking improvement and innovation in our care and craft for the love of NASians, and to make the school a lovely place to learn, grow, work and enjoy for all. 

Charting 2022!

In 2022, Singapore is set to chart a new chapter, as we bid farewell and good night to the COVID-19 pandemic, and look to the break of the new dawn of endemic COVID.  As a school, we are charting a new page as well. In particular, we will take a further leap to strengthen our strengths-based curriculum through offering Full Subject-Based Banding to the 2022 Secondary 1 students. Riding on our heritage and niche as a Future School, and powered by our established 1-1 Computing Programme, we will also further develop our students as self-directed learners through Blended Learning (BL). BL will be a regular feature of the school experience for all NASians. In 2022 as well, we will continue to deepen our effort to gift students with the Growth Mindset, to lay a strong foundation for them to take on the future as effective lifelong learners. And we will continue to do all these in a culture of care and support for all staff and students. 

Indeed, we look forward to another exciting year of buzz and opportunities to grow for all, with our dynamic curriculum and vibrant campus life - the trademarks of an NAS education. Find out more about NAS’ philosophy and brand of education by clicking on the link at the end of this page.

In 2022, our newly re-furbished SPARKS room is on track to be completed by Term 1, 2022. It will provide a collaborative space for students to enjoy and work on projects, as part of their enriched Math and Science curriculum under the SPARKS programme.  Teachers from other subjects can also use the space for their classes. The SPARKS room follows the completion of COMPASS, our two newly minted activity rooms to support students with additional learning needs. These new facilities are the latest in our series of infrastructural enhancements over the past 3 years, which included PARIO - our creative Design and Technology Studio, our Classroom of the Future (sPACE) for pedagogical innovations, our NAS25 Heritage Wall, the High-Volume Low-Speed Fans in the Indoor Sports Hall, and our all-weather sheltered walkway linking the Tampines East MRT station right outside our school to our school compound. With our firm belief that the learning environment is the important third teacher for our students - after their teachers and peers - we will continue to innovate and design learning spaces to kindle the learning juices of our students!

Creating Your Story

As you look forward, what do you hope for and aspire towards? What beautiful story would you create for yourself? For us at Ngee Ann, it is our ever stronger resolve to live out our mission to teach, touch and transform lives. We want to be defined by the positive difference we make to our students’ lives, and indeed to the lives of generations of youth who will pass through our gates. This resolve is embodied in our desired student outcome of the Ngee Ann All Rounder – to nurture each student into a Future-Ready Learner and Forward-Looking Leader. We do this by bringing out each student’s best through our culture of High Care, High Expectations, as we work tirelessly to be A School of Possibilities, A Home to Grow In for all our students. 

For our prospective students, have you ever thought about what you want in your secondary education? Are you looking to be an all-rounder? Or are you looking to discover your purpose and direction, making lifelong friends and cherished memories along the way? Perhaps you aspire to develop your unique strengths and interests, and use them to serve others? Or you simply desire to be ready for whatever the future may open up for you? If any of these is what you are looking for, I invite you to read on to find out more about who we are and what we offer, and whether we are the right fit for you.

Wishing one and all a very blessed, exciting and fulfilling 2022!

Teo Kok Hong


Ngee Ann Secondary School

Click here to find out more about NASS’ philosophy and brand of education.