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Syllabus Objectives

A Strong Foundation and a Rich Language for All

We hope to develop our students to become effective communicators, with an appreciation for of the way language is used to achieve various purposes in multi-modal contexts. We instil in them an awareness of purpose, audience, context and culture (PACC) when speaking, reading, listening, viewing and writing. We also promote critical thinking by scaffolding the students' thought processes through the use of thinking frameworks and routines. In addition, critical appreciation of the written and spoken word is developed through exposure to different genres and styles, as well as highlighting language application in real life examples.

Subjects Offered

1. English Language 
2. English Literature

English Language

Students will be able to:

- listen, read and view critically and with accuracy, understanding and appreciating a wide range of literary and informational / functional texts from print and non-print sources;
- speak, write and represent in internationally acceptable English (Standard English) that is grammatical, fluent, mutually intelligible and appropriate for different purposes, audiences, contexts and cultures;
- understand and use internationally acceptable English (Standard English) grammar and vocabulary accurately and appropriately, as well as understand how speakers / writers put words together and use language to communicate meaning and achieve impact.

English Literature

Students will be able to:

- discover the joys of reading Literature and become aware of new ways of perceiving the world around them;
- appreciate the aesthetic value of language;
- engage personally with a variety of texts and draw connections between self, texts and the world in order to develop intellectual, emotional, socio-cultural and global awareness;
- articulate perceptive and analytical thinking when discussing and writing about literary texts;
- explore how the elements of the different genres function in literary works to achieve specific effects; and
- appreciate the context in which literary texts are written and understood.

Special Programme

  1. ‘Book your Holiday’ Reading Programme 
  2. Speak Good English Movement