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Syllabus Objectives

Informed and Critical Thinkers. Concerned and Participative Global Citizens. 

The department encourages our students to be inquisitive about the world they live in. We give them the opportunity to ask questions about various historical, geographical, political, social and economic issues. We bring them through the stages of the inquiry-based approach to learning, where they investigate complex issues by forming questions, gathering evidence from different perspectives and questioning the validity and reliability of these sources of information. By doing so, our students develop the skills, and understand the need, to be informed and critical thinkers. We also challenge them to reflect on the complexity of these issues, establish links to current developments and get them to suggest actions that can be taken to improve on different situations. Through these efforts, we hope to encourage our students to step up and contribute meaningfully to Singapore and the global community they are a part of.

Subjects Offered

1. Lower Secondary History

    2. Lower Secondary Geography
      3. Combined Humanities 
        4. Core History
          5. Core Geography


          The History syllabus develops in students the qualities of a history learner by: 

          - engaging students actively in historical enquiry so as to develop them into confident, self-directed, critical and reflective thinkers 
          - enabling students to acquire knowledge and understanding of selected periods, societies and aspects of history 
          - acquainting students with an understanding of how the past has been interpreted, represented and accorded significance for different reasons and purposes 
          - developing an inquisitive mind in students with the ability to ask relevant questions about the past and examine a range of sources critically in their historical context to reach substantiated judgements about the past 
          - developing in students the ability to organise and communicate their historical knowledge and understanding through a variety of ways using different media 
          - equipping them with the necessary historical knowledge, understanding, dispositions and skills to understand the present and contribute actively and responsibly as local and global citizens to further study and the pursuit of personal interest in the past.


          The Geography syllabus aims to enable students to:

          - acquire knowledge of the characteristics, distribution and processes of physical and human phenomena
          - develop a holistic understanding of physical-human relationships at local, regional and global scales
          - gain geographical insights and global awareness into future challenges through the study of current issues and their management
          - become inquiring and self-directed learners who ask geographical questions and seek understanding through the collection and analysis of geographical information
          - develop skills in communicating and applying geographical knowledge
          - make informed judgements and sound decisions through the analysis, synthesis and evaluation of geographical information.

          Social Studies

          The Social Studies syllabus aims to help students develop critical-thinking skills that will enable them to:

          - have a sense of belonging to their community and nation
          - be committed to building social cohesion by appreciating diversity in society
          - appreciate the importance of engaging in issues of societal concern
          - have an awareness of the ethical considerations and consequences of decision-making.
          - be empowered to take personal and collective responsibility for effecting change for the good of society, and serve to make a positive difference to others.
          - understand their identity as Singaporeans with a global outlook
          - view the world with an understanding of the Singapore perspective