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Physical Education

Syllabus Objectives

Learn to Play. Play to Learn.

The department aims to develop our students into active and physically competent individuals. They will value and participate in physical activities and sports of their interest and ability for the sake of enriching their lives, recreation and well-being, and or personal challenge and achievement. We will build on the fundamental motor skills and movement concepts that students learned from their primary school days. From this foundation, the students will acquire skills and concepts across and within developmentally-appropriate physical activities and sports. Applying the learning through fun and inclusive physical and sporting experiences, the students will also understand principles of training and safe practices, as well as developing health and skill-related fitness.

Subjects Offered

Physical Education (All levels)

Physical Education

The syllabus develops students to be competent movers and confident participants through:

- Physical activities
• Providing at least six different physical activities for every student.
• Providing at least one physical activity from each category of net-barrier, striking-fielding and territorial-invasion.
• Providing at least 8 hours of curriculum time for each physical activity.
• Providing at least 8 opportunities across the PE lifespan to apply the skills learnt in culminating events.
• Providing students with instruction and the opportunity to participate competently so that they can carry out the physical activities independently and safely.

- Outdoor education
• Acquiring navigation and outdoor living skills and demonstrating them safely.
• Building competency in assessing and managing risks.
• Developing a sense of place through appreciating the self-school-environment relationship; as well as caring for the school and its neighbourhood.

- Physical health and fitness
• Understanding and applying health and fitness concepts, principles and strategies.
• Applying basic concepts of personal and environmental safety when participating in physical activities.
• Displaying positive personal and social behaviour across different experiences.

Special ProgrammesPE

  1. NASlympics
  2. Morphosis
  3. aNASing Race