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“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” ~
Steve Jobs

Artificial Intelligence will accelerate the shift in skills demand with the workplace becoming increasingly automated. Ngee Ann’s response in anticipation of these realities is to prepare NASians to have deep appreciation of and capability to harness and deploy technology as part of life and work. In other words, to be future-ready. In particular, we aim to hone NAsians’ ability in tech-based solutioning – where they simplify and abstract real life problems into ones solvable by computers.

Our Programme

Code@NAS is one of our distinctive flagship programmes with the aspiration of preparing highly adaptable NASians who can ride any wave of technological disruptions.

The objectives of Code@NAS are to:

1) Develop Computational Thinking skills for day-to-day problem solving
2) Develop talents with a passion for the creative process of coding to solve problems
3) Empower students to be active creators of technology to contribute and solve problems within the community

Programmes planned are differentiated to cater to NASians of different academic courses and degree of readiness in coding, each with their customised objectives.


NASians can expect to gain the following skills and competencies through their 4 years in school:

1) Building foundational Computing skills through Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) and Computer Applications;

2) Apply coding and technology in a contextual manner to solve identified issues through the Mathematics curriculum and using Micro:bits to solve problems in the Design and Technology and Science Curriculum;

3) Engaging and verifying interest in Programming through out of curriculum opportunities such as Robotics and Infocomm CCA; Maker’s Programme, Swift App Development Workshop, Swift Accelerator Programme; and

4) Honing their talent in development of Technology through Applied Subjects such as ‘O’ Level Computing and Smart Electrical Technology, complemented by learning journeys and industrial attachments for exposure to latest developments.