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Total Curriculum Framework (TCF)

Ngee Ann Secondary School 

Guiding Principles


In line with our strategic focus to be ‘A School of Possibilities and A Home to Grow In’ for every child, our Ngee Ann curriculum is designed with two considerations in mind – the student and the future. 

We aim to nurture students who are future-ready through our future-oriented curriculum. In recognition that every child is unique, we also aim to develop a curriculum that supports students’ diverse learning needs, when they participate in the learning experiences and opportunities.

To these ends, our student outcomes are embodied in our goal of developing ‘A Future-Ready Learner’ and ‘A Forward-Looking Leader’ in every student.


The Ngee Ann Graduate.  A Future-Ready Learner.  A Forward-Looking Leader.


Future-Ready Learners seek to grow and stretch their potential with the growth mindset. Forward-Looking Leaders contribute to society in their own chosen fields. Together, these outcomes will equip our graduates to live, work, thrive and also make a positive difference to the communities they belong to, according to their own strengths and interests.

NAS Total Curriculum Framework

Guided by this clear vision of what we want in the Ngee Ann graduate and recognising the reality of a world of change and disruption, our NASS Total Curriculum Framework (TCF) steers the holistic education we provide to develop, support and challenge our students - to stretch their potential, anchor them in values, empower them to learn for life, and position them for the future. NAS’ Total Curriculum Framework is undergirded by four principles.

Future-Oriented | Strengths-Based | High-Tech & High-Touch | Opportunities for All

We believe in helping students learn, grow and thrive in a technologically rich and socially connected learning environment. Our students experience learning that combines key knowledge with core competencies.  At the same time, when they participate in the curriculum we design, they are able to discover, grow and learn based on their strengths and interests. Learning is shaped through our distinctive culture of ‘High Care, High Expectations’, innovation and character building. We provide opportunities for all through the socio-emotional support and targeted care we cater to all our students in terms of their overall development and well-being. Our teachers leverage current and research-backed pedagogies to enable breadth, depth and interconnections in student learning. These distinct components intersect, integrate and converge to achieve the desired student outcomes, as depicted in our microchip-based TCF shown below. 

Microchip Total Curriculum 15_01_2021 1.jpg


Our Total Curriculum Framework is inspired from the chip that changed the world. The microchip is an apt metaphor for the Ngee Ann Curriculum to aspire towards, as a Future School. The microchip gets ever leaner and agile. It packs ever greater power and promise. Like the microchip, we aspire for our curriculum to continue to be lean, agile, yet filled with power and promise for our students - the mark of Ngee Ann’s ethos in curriculum design and development.   


For detailed explanatory notes for the TCF, refer here.