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Parents Support Group (PSG)

Core Team Members


Name of PSG          

I-P Chair

Peggy Sett    


Lim Beng Choon


Karyn Yeo

Executive Committee Members

Joejo Tee

Laetitia Wong

Yvonne Lip

Michelle Lim

Serene Leong

Kwok Chat Khing

Goh Jeok Fuen


Samantha Anderson

Michael Wang

Desmond Kok

Helena Lee

Gwendoline Mary Tan

Shalyn Loh

Aisyah Bte Mohd Amir 

Parent Ambassadors

Each class has 2 Parent Ambassadors (Main PA & Co PA) assisting the Exco to coordinate PSG matters where applicable.

Proposed PSG Events / Activities in 2020

Term 1

Learning Journey – For Sec 1 & 2 students

(8 & 10 Jan 2020)

Heritage Talk & PSG Group Meeting (1)

(16 Jan 2020)

CNY Activities

(6 Feb 2020)

Father-child bonding activity (Outdoor)

(7 Mar 2020)

Term 2

International Friendship Day

(6 & 7 Apr 2020)

aNASing Race

Career Awareness Talk & I CARE Project

(9 Apr 2020)

(25 Apr 2020)

PSG Go Green Craft Project

(27 Apr 2020)

PSG Family Day

Father-child bonding activity (Outdoor)

(30 May 2020)

(16 May 2020)

Term 3

I CARE Project

(10 July 2020)

PSG Healthy Lifestyle Activity (Outdoor)

(11 July 2020)

Racial Harmony Day


PSG Bonding Activity - Hobbycraft

(21 Aug 2020)

Mid – Autumn Festival


Term 4

Focus Group Discussion

Post Exam Activities


TBC, Oct 2020

PSG Year End Gathering

TBC, last quarter of 2020

NAS Open House

(21 Nov 2020)

NAS PSG will be most happy to have parents joining us at any juncture.

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Scan the QR code above to download the PSG application form. Alternatively, you can also click here.


All official communication will be via email through the Secretary.

Please email to

Thank you.