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Global Perspectives 21

Global Perspectives 21 aims to develop students  to make connections between ideas and concepts across different disciplinary boundaries (i.e Coding, VIA),to apply the knowledge gained in one discipline to another different discipline as a way to deepen the learning and to understand the complexity of issues that communities/segments of societies are facing and how transference of knowledge from one discipline to another would be necessary to manage issues.

Structure of the programme

Global Perspectives 21 is a lower secondary programme which takes both a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach in planning and carrying out the activities. The programme runs for three terms involving teacher mentors and external vendors. Students experience a variety of activities including lectures by expert speakers and learning journeys as part of experiential learning.


Mdm Devi Lokanathan
Mdm Ashikn Abdul Ra'uuf

If you would like to learn more about this programme, please email your queries to Alternatively, you may call the school at 67844583 to speak to the teachers-in-charge.