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Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW)

IPW  is a lower secondary programme which develops students’ capacity to think laterally across disciplines to see interconnections, and also hone their inquisitiveness and imagination as they engage with and attempt to address current social issues from multiple lenses. Through creative problem solving, students develop in collaboration, communication and critical and inventive thinking skills. The programme runs for three terms, involving teacher mentors and service providers.


The IPW curriculum aims to achieve the following objectives;
Students will be able to develop their critical and inventive thinking, collaboration and communication skills (3Cs).
Students will be able to learn to make connections between ideas and concepts across different approaches and disciplinary boundaries (e.g. Design Thinking, Coding, Values In Action).
Students will be able to develop their personal voice through research and advocacy of social issues they are passionate about.


The Secondary 1 curriculum includes the acquisition of basic coding knowledge and use of MicroBits for prototyping solutions, and the completion of a VIA project task by applying the design thinking process on environmental and sustainability issues.
The Secondary 2 curriculum includes the acquisition of web-designing skills and the exploration of social issues of students’ choices, with VIA integration. The culminating task involves an advocacy of the issues, including through projects, “Ted Talks” and/or digitally through designing and creating online content.


Mdm Devi Lokanathan
Mr Neo Guang Xian
Mdm Lei Mee 
Ms Nur Azlyna Binte Mohamed Tahir
Ms Evelyn Koh
Mrs Theresa Lai 

If you would like to learn more about this programme, please email your queries to Alternatively, you may call the school at 67844583 to speak to the teachers-in-charge.